Milan Rancic created the very first Slay scenario for the community. His World War II scenario is really great. He allowed me to publish his scenario. Here you will find his as well as some more I made myself. I am releasing versions for the actual version of slay soon. These will be even better balanced ones. Come back later.

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Milan Rancic scenario.

Roman districts:


  Roman districts

Bonn districts:
The city of Bonn has four districts, City, Beuel, Hardberg and Bad Godesberg. I had to make 3 out of it, because 4 were not playable.


  Bonn districts




German regions:
I choosed Rhineland, Bavaria, Baden Würtemberg, Saxonia and Thuringia, North Germany and nothern East-Germany as regions.


  German regions

US Civil War:
I hope my history book was right with the borders at that time :-)


  US Civil War


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