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Slay © Sean O'Connor 1994 - 2003

Slay is a game for 2 to 6 human, or intelligent computer players. The object of the game is to capture the whole of the island by killing all of your enemies' people and capturing their land.


Both of us got addicted to 'Slay' from the very first game on.
And with version 4 and the new great feature of a Map Editor I couldn't get my hands off this new tool.

I have used a lot of geometric shapes. Second one is: I love maps, and I love history ... and how come, I love historic maps.
But as I am no professional on this topics, just take them as sketches rather than facts :-)
I know I made some mistakes. Some because of getting out of space, some because of lack of knowledge.
And a very few are for connecting exclaved land.

My first skin is available for download now: Oriental. I finished with the graphics so far and decided to bring it to you. I listened to the sounds of the other skins available and took a few from other skins. Packaged within the zip file is a readme, where you can read which wave file is from what other author. I decided to pack them within my skin as the authors did not pack a license or readme file together with their skins. And I do not have any email address to ask for permission. If one of the authors want me to remove their wave files from the skin, I'll instantly do so.

I hope you have fun with my maps, scenarios and skins. If you have any comments, ideas, wishes... send me an email, or write s/t in the guestbook.



2004 11 09: New Mappack: Chinese Characters. Download all new Slay stuff.
2004 07 09: Vote for maps!
2004 07 03: Download all scenarios
2004 07 03: Added scenarios from Milan
2004 07 03: Added scenarios from myself
2004 05 27: Added USA History Pack
2004 05 27: Added China History Pack
2004 05 27: Added Geometry Pack 4
2004 05 27: Added Flags
2004 05 27: Added Misc. maps
2004 01 29: Added a lot of cities
2004 01 28: first skin: oriental
2004 01 28: Added Geometry Pack III, 1 new map in History Pack
2004 01 21: Added Geometry Pack II


Download all skins.

An arabian style skin. I tried to make a clear skin. This is a first release, In the future I will add other sounds to it.
Download this skin.


Click on the links, to go to that map category page.

Most of the maps you probably already have on your HD because they are now bundled with Slay. Thanks, Sean. Here you will find new ones and some enhanced version.

Download all maps.

Geometric maps, and all which does not fit to any other category.
Download all geometric maps.
Geometric maps part II
Download all geometric part II maps
Geometric maps part III
Download all geometric part III maps
Geometric maps part IV
Download all geometric part IV maps
China history pack
Download the China history pack.
France history pack, including a map of Paris
Download the France history pack.
Germany history pack, including the map 'German Rivers'
Download the Germany history pack.
USA history pack,
Download the USA history pack.
City maps.
Download all Cities.
Other historic maps
Download all historic maps.
Download all flags.
Miscellaneous maps
Download all misc maps.
Chinese Characters
Download all Chars.
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Download all scenarios.


Slay Version 4.0b

  >=  Slay Version 4.2
WW II from Milan Rancic
Download Milans scenario.

My scenarios
Download all my scenarios





You did not found enough Slay stuff? Want more? Have a look at the page of sid6.7. (Go to 'My Hobbies/Games' and then 'Slay Maps N' stuff')

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