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Williams, J., H. Fischer, S. Wong, P. J. Crutzen, M. P. Scheele, and J. Lelieveld, Near equatorial CO and O3 profiles over the Indian Ocean during the winter monsoon: High O3 levels in the middle troposphere and interhemispheric exchange, J. Geophys. Res., 107, No. D19, 10.1029/2001JD001126, 2002.

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Wong, S., Temperatur- und Windmessungen in der polaren Mesosphäre während der TRAMP/Temperature-Kampagne, Diplomarbeit, Universität Bonn, 1998, BONN-IB-98-15.


Im Druck

Wong, S., Variability-Lifetime Relation of Atmospheric Tracers Based on Aircraft Measurements during the INDOEX and STREAM 98 Campaigns, Dissertation, Universität Rostock, IAP Nr. 14/2006, 2006.


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Wong, S., M. de Reus, H. Fischer, J. Williams, M. Lawrence, and J. Lelieveld, OH-concentration estimate from the variability-lifetime relation of atmospheric trace gases during INDOEX, in preparation for Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

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